Safety Technologies Inc.

Safety Technologies, Inc. (STI) employs over 34 Security and AV systems professionals, serving thousands of clients. The company has a long and successful track record with the Ohio Department of Corrections, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Turnpike Commission, Sherwin Williams, Kent State University, Cleveland Metroparks, Heinen’s Stores, and many more, including hundreds of small to mid-size businesses. Just a few of the many products STI offers, include:

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  • Security and Surveillance Systems: We can provide turn-key solutions in areas of CCTV surveillance, access control, fire alarm, security, and personal emergency systems. In addition, we can provide required inspections and document stamps.
  • Building Access ControlBy layering real-time location-based security data onto traditional security card access control and video monitor systems, Elpas RFID tracking tools provide the real-time whereabouts of tagged individuals graphically overlaid on to the relevant floor plans. All individuals need to do is walk past a door with their credentials on them; swiping is no longer necessary. When access is permitted or denied, event logs are created. Data can even be aggregated across multiple buildings for campus or corporate usage.
  • “Man Down” Alert Systems for Correctional Facilities: From single-floor systems to fully networked supervised indoor/outdoor  installations, SpiderAlert offers a range of field-tailored emergency safety and security solutions, including staff attack panic solutions, lone worker alarms and correctional officer man-down systems.

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